COMUSUBI / COMUSUBI BAG ”Leather” -Vanilla-

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Comsubi bag made from a drawstring purse, which is an ancient Japanese accessory case, as a design source

The material is luxuriously made of Italian cowhide, which is soft and has good coloring.
Luxury Italian shrink leather can be used by both men and women

2-WAY specification that the shoulder strap part can be adjusted and detached
The inside uses a black ripstop material, achieving both durability and usability.

A cotton rope is used for the handle, and cowhide is used for the koki (loop part) through which the rope is passed, and it is fixed by caulking to create a strong structure.

Size: 23 cm wide and 21 cm long (when placed flat)
Material: Body cowhide lining Polyester 100%
Made in Japan

* It may look slightly different from the actual color.
* Since it is a leather product, the atmosphere is different one by one.
* With COMUSUBI dedicated BOX