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Made from nylon fabric that is breathable, waterproof and durable water repellent
Full zip type hooded jacket
Although it is 100% nylon, it has a cotton-like look due to vintage processing.

Widely versatile because it is a single piece without lining
It is useful not only in early spring and early autumn but also in the rainy season.

It features a silhouette that looks like an A-line with a relaxed eye width.
I was particular about how it fits when I wear the hood.

Equipped with 2 round pockets
There is a casual bus nude name on the side.

Accented with a black bass-shaped fastener that shines in a minimalist design
「Fish Parka」

It is a must-have item not only in the field but also in everyday life.

肩幅 : 54cm / Shoulder Width : 21in
身幅 : 63cm / Body Width : 25in
Length: 79cm / Length: 31in
袖丈 : 59cm / Sleeve Length : 23in

肩幅 : 58cm / Shoulder Width : 23in
身幅 : 66cm / Body Width : 26in
Length: 84cm / Length: 33in
袖丈 : 60.5cm / Sleeve Length : 24in

Material : Nylon 100%

Made in Japan